Im{perfect} Sunrises

We all have them. No, we don’t like to admit it especially the really bad ones, but if we are really honest we would all admit it. We have imperfections. Some are uglier than others, rearing their ugly heads and making us feel unworthy, at least it happens to me. Just when I think I got it all under control, there it comes again reminding me that I’m imperfect. It seems like, at least for me, that these imperfections continuingly remind me that I have no hope.

Then comes the moment right before the sunrise; the moment of true beauty.

We have all seen those too. Sunrises I mean. I have the privilege of most mornings seeing the sunrise on the way to school. From my observation the most beautiful part of the sunrise, is not after the sun has risen but right before the first tip of the sun crests the horizon. You know something else I observed? That the more imperfections in the sky, the more beautiful it is. Oh wait I said that wrong, I meant clouds. The more clouds in the sky the more beautiful it is. No, I think I did say it right the first time.


Do you know how clouds form? Well, I feel like I know a lot on this topic right now since my 8th graders are learning about this right now. But in a nut shell, when the air cools to the point where it can no longer hold anymore moister, it reaches its dew point. At this point it is forced to condense onto something, a piece of dirt. Yup, you read that right, a piece of dirt. There’s a little more to it than that, but a bunch of those pieces of dirt, with water condensed upon it, make a cloud.

Sure, a cloudless morning, with not a cloud in the sky is beautiful. I won’t deny that. But the clouds, the imperfections, those are what really make a sunrise not only beautiful but breathtakingly gorgeous. It’s the same with us. We aren’t a cloudless sky, nor can we ever be because we are human, but God in all His wisdom sent His Son to us so that through Him we could be beautiful. It is only when we allow Christ to shine through those imperfections, do we become truly beautiful.

When I see a sunrise, I can’t help but become overwhelmingly grateful for what my Savior did for me. He took my imperfections and because He loved me, made them beautiful. It’s nothing that I could have done, because remember I’m made of dirt, literally. But He saw me in all my dirtiness and by Him, the Son {or sun} shining through me {the cloud}, He made me into something truly gorgeous; a child of His.